Paucileather strives to deliver products purchased from the website in excellent condition in the fastest possible time, however under any of the below mentioned circumstances Paucileather reserves all rights to process and ship the orders. The customers are requested to read the following terms and conditions carefully:

1.       While we endeavor to keep the color of the product as close to the image in our website, the actual color of the product may vary from the one displayed on your screen, this may be due to the difference in computer’s resolution settings. Paucileather undertakes no responsibility in case of any difference in terms of color shades.


2.       The information contained in this website is for general information purposes only, in no event will Paucileather be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever arising from the content of its website. You are advised not to consider the content of the website as professional/ expert advice for similar products or services offered by any other website/dealers.


3.       While we take great pride in offering you “Custom Size” or “Tailor Made” products, the customers are kindly advised to note that these products come with a strict  “NO RETURN OR REFUND CONDITION” clause. Since the “custom-size” products are specially ordered on the basis of the specifications provided by the customer, it is requested that the customers note that under no circumstances their “custom-size” products will be returned or refunded


4.       Paucileather shall not be held responsible for any delay or loss of order in case the address provided by the customer turns out to be incomplete or misdirected. Hence it is our earnest request  to all customers to crosscheck the address prior to submitting the same to us


5.       Orders once placed and paid for cannot be cancelled. Hence any request for cancellations of an order post its confirmation will not be entertained. Kindly read our ‘Refund Policy’ for further details


6.       We believe in abstaining ourselves from use of any leather products that come from endangered species. We do not use authentic fur in any of our products


7.       Customers should agree not to make disputes or claims on payment for situations as described above or for any other reasons that breaches ‘Terms & Conditions’. Any claim relating to reimbursement or other issues that contradicts this disclaimer will be considered fraudulent, and gives reason for prosecution.