1. Hi, one question please: What "height" do you mean? My height or the jumpsuit height? I am 165 cm and I've bought from another site a 148 cm jumpsuit which is very good for me. Thanks Cristina
You have to fill your acutal height from top of the head to the floor.
2. Hi! I'm considering buying http://www.paucileather.com/men-lamb-leather-glossy-pants.php. Please let me know how your measure "height", it's not shown on size chart picture. Thanks, Jacek
You have to put your actual height from (top of the head to the bottom).
3. Hi, I was wondering what the field Height means when ordering pants on your website - I believe Bottom refers to size itself (is that US size?) while Height refers to the inseam (so 30 would be equal to 76cm) is that correct?
You have to fill actual height from (top of the head to the bottom) in size drop down box. All sizes mention on our sites is as US standard size.
4. Can I get this jacket in plus size
yes you can get or else you can order custom size which is free of cost